Art or rubbish?

  • Breaking
  • 08/09/2009

An award winning modern sculpture has caused controversy in the art world, once again rousing the age-old question, ‘what qualifies as art’.

A piece called ‘Collateral’ recently won the Waikato National Contemporary Art Award, bagging the artist $15,000 for his efforts.

The artist’s effort, however, is the issue being raised by other competitors and art critics alike.

The Berlin-based artist Dane Mitchell reportedly rang the gallery staff asking them to scoop up all the discarded material from other people’s entries and then presented the pile of ‘rubbish’ as his entry.

The piece beat 283 other artists, many of whom spent countless hours creating their entries.

Campbell Live talks to the sole judge of the award Charlotte Huddleston, the museum's director Kate Vusoniwailala and another showcased artist Kim Marsh.

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source: newshub archive