Big Boi's NZ Golliwog encounter

Outkast musician Big Boi has just left New Zealand, with mixed feelings.

The musician tweeted that “New Zealanders are cool as shit”, but was surprised to find Golliwogs for sale at Auckland airport.

Golliwogs are seen as a racist symbol in most parts of the world but seem to have more acceptance in New Zealand than they do in countries such as the US and UK.

Having said that, even England's Queen has become embroiled in a recent golliwog scandal, after it was revealed a gift shop on her Sandringham Estate had to apologise for selling the rag dolls.

Big Boi had already been confused by the name of our rugby team on arrival – wondering why they were called the All Blacks.

He was quickly righted on the sports front but eventually tweeted: “Ok, all blacks is a rugby team, but what the f**k are these, also in the airport.” He then linked to the following photo of the Golliwogs:


Golliwogs at Auckland Airport


Fortunately, the dolls did not entirely sour his trip, he later tweeted: “Despite the "Golliwogg's" New Zealanders are cool as shit, nothin but good vibrations, had to show yall the crazy things we see daily.”

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source: newshub archive