Caitlin Stasey's masturbation scene in Reign censored for US

  • Breaking
  • 16/10/2013

Producers of new historical TV drama Reign have toned down an explosive 16th century masturbation scene for fear they'll upset US censors.

The pilot for the new show, which debuts on America's CW channel this week, originally featured a graphic scene in which an aroused handmaiden, played by Caitlin Stasey, pleasures herself on a castle stairwell after watching two newlyweds make love.

She is interrupted by the King of France, portrayed by Alan van Sprang, who offers to have sex with her.

The saucy scene will remain but the more risque footage has been cut.

Reign stars Adelaide Kane as the Queen of Scotland.

Stasey is an Australian actress who has previously had roles in Neighbours and Tomorrow, When the War Began.

source: newshub archive