Colin Farrell sick of using guns in film

Actor Colin Farrell is sick of playing gun-toting characters onscreen and is determined to only take on projects that feature no firearms.

The former hellraiser and movie tough guy, who is known for roles in films such as In Bruges, Dead Man Down and Total Recall, tells Total Film magazine he's no longer interested in gun-wielding characters.

He says, "I'd gotten tired of carrying guns, a little bit. I don't know how I ended up carrying so many guns, I really don't. I hate the f**king things! I didn't even play cops and robbers or... cowboys and Indians. Cowboys and Native Americans. I think I'd gotten tired of doing some films that were thematically quite similar - that revenge and retribution played a prominent role in."

But even he admits he doesn't think he'll be able to stick to his new no-gun policy.

Farrell adds, "I've been saying for about three years that I think I'm sick of doing films with guns and then I'm in Total Recall and I shoot 20 people. And then I go, 'Aw, that's it, no more guns!' And then all of a sudden I'm in Philadelphia on a set with Noomi Rapace (for Dead Man Down) and I have a gun in my hands. If I got offered In Bruges tomorrow after saying, 'No guns! No guns!' and there was a gun in it, I'd do it in a flash."

source: newshub archive