Emos cry themselves into extinction

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  • 04/02/2009

Back in 2006, New Zealand was covered in emos. They were a subculture of fashion-conscious youth sporting long fringes, tight pants, and an emotional index which peaked at almost 86 percent.

But now, it seems that the emo population has all but vanished.

In Christchurch at what was once formerly a hotspot for the emo, these days sits vacant - aside from a lone goth.

It was no different in Wellington - there were no signs of any emos anywhere.

In the autumn of 2006, Auckland's Aotea Square was a prime breeding spot for the emo, but now, like other places, there are none around. It appears the once moody subculture is now all but gone.

But while emos may be extinct, emus are very much fine.

Despite some fluctuations, emu numbers are fairly steady, while emo numbers have plummeted.

While theories behind the cause of the emo extinction are plentiful, one of them stands above the rest - emo band My Chemical Romance has not released an album in over three years.

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source: newshub archive