German 'trash country' band tour New Zealand

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  • 30/01/2013

The world has much to thank Germany for in the field of music – Wagner, Kraftwerk and David Hasselhoff's pop career.

Now come a couple of gentlemen who are on an extensive tour of this country supporting local alt country singer Delany Davidson.

They're a duo from Germany called Dos Hermanos and they play something called “trash country”. Today they played with instruments which were literally plucked from garbage piles across the world and some very close to home. Greymouth apparently has wonderful, wonderful rubbish.

“I'm the master of playing the trash bucket, all these things I’ve found at the trash yard,” band member Senor G. Rag says.

So when Dos Hermanos arrives in a new country it's straight to the dump for percussion, except for one thing that can't be left to chance - the hub cap that must be from a 1979 Ford Pinto.

“It's a beautiful hub cap. After that they changed the Ford Pinto models because they had the gas tank in the back and they exploded when they crashed so after ‘79 they changed it, so this is the really good sounding hub cap of an original ‘79 Ford Pinto.”

The Munich duo run an independent music label, and brought together by a mutual love of Bob Dylan, they say this is the way their hero started out.

But the way they dispense joy has a directness and efficiency that is 100 percent German.

“Everybody can sing along, we are always well dressed so there is something for the eye too so people can just be happy at one of our shows with us of course,” band member Hose the Black Rider says.

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source: newshub archive