Homebrew call out John Key on new election track

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  • 17/11/2011

By Chris Whitworth  

Hip-hop crew Homebrew like to joke around, but they’re dead serious on their latest track that vilifies the Prime Minister and paints a bleak picture of New Zealand.

‘Listen To Us’ is free for download (warning: explicit lyrics) on the group’s website and features guest vocals from Kiwi rapper Tourettes.

The track is Homebrew’s most political to date and opens with audio of John Key talking about GST, global warming and New Zealand’s ‘100% Pure’ image.

Homebrew rapper Tom Scott then comes in rapping: "Cos this ain’t no f***ing joke / we f***ing broke, far from cutting coke / all we got is luck and hope / dreams going up in smoke.”

Scott then broaches topics on minimum wage, poverty and the justice system.

“Where I come from / minimum wage is what we run on / no wonder why we spending our pay getting drunk on some cheap sh*t.”

And then takes aim at Mr Key.  

“The same old story that you heard a million times before / I bet it probably doesn’t even cross your mind no more / f***ing Prime Minister ain’t even got the time to talk.”

“…trying to justify why we’re poor / acting like we’re happy working underneath your iron claw.”

Eight days out from the election the song is gaining local buzz online, picked up by music blogs The Corner, Under The Radar and Groove Guide.

The track also follows another election-based song put out this month, with indie band The Eversons releasing ‘Vote For Act’ last week.

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