How many awards has Scribe got? Not many…if any

Five of Kiwi rapper Scribe’s music awards are being pawned on TradeMe by a Christchurch pawnbroker after the musician failed to redeem them.

The seller is a licensed pawnbroker and has listed the awards for $500 each. More of Scribe’s memorabilia is planned to be released later this week.

The awards were presented to Scribe in 2003 when his album The Crusader went platinum, then double platinum, then triple and four-times platinum.



The seller, Shane, said he decided to sell the items after he didn’t hear back from Scribe for more than two months.

The awards feature a framed tiki, or paua swirl, a photo of Scribe, CDs and a plaque.

Shane says he tried to contact Scribe to say he was selling the awards, but did not hear back from the musician or his manager.

The auction closes on January 28.

Scribe’s debut album The Crusader went five-times platinum, achieving two No 1 singles with ‘Not Many’ and ‘Stand Up’.

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source: newshub archive