Howard K. Stern settles defamation case

Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer-turned-lover Howard K. Stern has settled a defamation suit over a steamy tell-all book about the late star.

Earlier this year, Stern filed a US$60 million case against the Hachette Book Group and TV reporter-turned-writer Rita Cosby, accusing them of libel over a string of accusations made against him in Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

The tome about the late model makes a series of claims about Stern's sexuality, alleging Smith possessed a sex tape featuring Stern and her former boyfriend Larry Birkhead. Both men claimed Cosby had made it up, insisting the footage doesn't exist.

Stern sought compensatory and punitive damages, while Birkhead did not take legal action against Cosby.

And according to gossip website, Stern's battle with the author has been dismissed after they agreed to a settlement.

Terms of the legal deal will be kept confidential.

source: newshub archive