James Cameron: 'Ambitious' script delays second Avatar film

  • 14/01/2015

The release of the next Avatar movie will be delayed by a year because the director says it's taking longer than expected to pen the rest of the series.

James Cameron was one of the big names gathered in Wellington today for the first meeting of the Screen Advisory Board. The stellar group wanted to talk about big growth in New Zealand filmmaking, but their news may be overshadowed by the Avatar delay.

"We were probably a bit ambitious with [the film]," says Cameron. "It took me six months to write the first and we're writing three altogether."

But that wasn't what the group met up to talk about.

The board was established in December 2013 to help the New Zealand film sector compete on a global scale, and they want to do that by encouraging local talent. For board member Jane Campion, it's about getting more female filmmakers.

"It's completely disgusting and teeth-clenchingly irritating that still only 9 percent of the films that have been directed in New Zealand have been made by women," Campion says.

They have a clear idea of where they want New Zealand film to be, but no set targets.

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source: newshub archive