Jenny Mccarthy's first sexual partner her teddy bear

  • 22/10/2010

Model/actress Jenny McCarthy's first sexual romance was with a teddy bear called Tubby.

As a sex-crazed Catholic teenager, the Scary Movie 3 star was paranoid that she would go to hell if she pleasured herself - so she got intimate with a cuddly toy.

McCarthy tells news show Access Hollywood Live, "When I was a little girl we learned that you had to go through puberty and 'take care of yourself' otherwise you'd go blind and deaf. That's what we learned in Catholic school - you can't enjoy yourself.

"I had a little bear... and I thought, 'If Tubby does it, he's gonna burn in hell, not me. Tubby was this bear that I had for many years and the sad part of the story is that I came home one day and my mum sold it in a garage sale."

Meanwhile, McCarthy has US TV icon Suzanne Somers to thank for a boost in her sex life - a miracle hormone cream the Three's Company star talked about in her book Breakthrough turned the model/actress into a bedroom diva.

McCarthy loved the idea of Progesterone Cream and decided to try it for herself - and smeared on a little too much.

She explains, "Suzanne Somers had a book called Breakthrough and she talks about hormone replacement and I thought it was a good idea since my PMS is a little (off)... but I put too much on, and it took my (star sign) Scorpio to, like, level 10.

"I am Scorpio... We are very sexual beings and I love having sex... I'm telling you, almost the lamps in my house did (get sex).

"It (cream) definitely helps you through menopause, although I'm not going through that, PMS and also if you need to be a little friskier in the bedroom."

McCarthy, who split from boyfriend Jim Carrey earlier this year, is candid about her sex life in new book Love, Lust & Faking It.

source: newshub archive