Jeremy Renner hated filming Hurt Locker

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  • 10/03/2010

The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner hated filming the Oscar-winning movie in Jordan - he smashed his nose in a bizarre accident and fell ill as a result of the searing heat.

Jenner, who plays Sergeant William James in the war movie, suffered a series of mishaps onset that left him limping with a twisted ankle, delaying the shoot for a week.

And he has vowed never to film scenes in a desert again - even if he is offered a fortune to star in a sequel to the movie, which scooped six Academy Awards on Sunday.

Jenner tells Britain's The Times newspaper, "It averaged about 120F (49 degrees Celsius). So, yeah, that was hot. I got food bugs. Then I got food poisoning: lost 15lb (6.8kg) in three days. That was terrible. Then I fell downstairs... I couldn't see the stairs when I was walking down them and I just fell and cracked open my nose, bruised it up - it bled a bit - and twisted my ankle, which stopped us from filming 'cos I couldn't walk...

"Will I go out and and shoot in the desert again for Hurt Locker II? Go f**k yourself. You couldn't pay me enough money. Even if I wanted to, I just couldn't - literally couldn't - do it."

source: newshub archive