Jewellery with a twist at Wellington's photospace gallery

  • 10/02/2012

By Laura Frykberg

Bored with the traditional jewellery trade, jeweller Ted Noten began experimenting, but not with traditional materials.

Not only do illicit substances feature in the Dutchman's pieces but in his latest experiment, which has come to Wellington's photospace gallery, he is getting interactive.

It might seem strange anyone would trade a nine-carat gold ring what is pictured.

For many reasons, fans of Noten’s work willingly give up far more valuable items.

His project manager Marcel van Kan they want to see how you deal with value or how you deal with aesthetics.

“Maybe you want an alibi to get rid of your wedding ring or your bad relationship, do it in an exchange, and this ring disappears into an art project.”

The interactive work is one of fifteen worldwide, once all the rings are swapped. They will be merged into a larger exhibition.

This is mild compared with some of Noten's other work which includes handbags containing dead mice.

“For some people who like animals, they thought he killed this mouse especially for this piece and of course he didn't,” says van Kan. “I mean we live in Amsterdam and we have a lot of mice, I mean you see these animals lying in your studio.”

And real guns; “he said I want to decriminalise my neighbourhood, that's why I want to put these things in my bags and hope people have the guts to walk with these things.”

Not to mention a pinch of cocaine, just don't ask who it's from.

“You have friends you know, some people have friends who have friends, you know,” laughs van Kan.

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source: newshub archive