Justin Bieber gets his stolen hat back

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  • 28/04/2010

By Angela Beswick

As he wrapped up his whirlwind New Zealand visit, Justin Bieber got his precious purple hat back from the thieving girls who took it.

Appearing on 3 News last night, Emah Hira Matiu and Beki Diamond said they were holding the hat to ransom and issued the Canadian singer an ultimatum.

All he has to do is give us a hug each and a photo and he can have his hat back, they told 3 News.

However it appears a guilty conscience got the better of the Bieber fans, and the 16-year-old got his hat back.

Bieber used his interview with 3 News yesterday to tell the girls he wasn’t angry with them.

“You stole my property. It’s essentially illegal. But, it’s fine, I forgive you,” he said.

The smooth talker stared down the camera and finished with; “I love you”.

However, he later took to his Twitter account to speak his mind.

“Sorry, you can’t hold me ransom,” he Tweeted.

“I got my hat back. No hugs, no thanks u’s [sic]. Just glad they did the right thing. I don’t condone thievery!! Haha.”

Bieber later went on to Tweet about his New Zealand trip being a “great success”.

“Also got an ALL BLACKS Rugby Jersey [sic] with my name on it. So to sum it up got my hat back, mom is good, bungyed, got an ALL BLACKS jersey.”

The thieves say they left a note in the hat apologising for stealing the hat and assuring Bieber they had taken good care of it.

“It just happened in the excitement,” the note said.

The girls left their phone numbers, email and Twitter addresses in the note and hope he calls.

“There’s a little sparkle of hope,” Emah says.

The hat was swiped from Bieber’s head as he was ushered through Auckland International Airport on Tuesday night.

"I just reached my hand through a massive crowd of screaming teenage girls and big arse police guys and took it right off his head...then shoved it down my shirt ...got trampled...and then I ran away," Emah says.

A mob of screaming fans knocked down his mother and ripped his clothes, before he was escorted to a waiting car by his entourage.

“We got trampled. Everyone came up to us, people were walking on us and we had to run away,” the thieves told 3 News.

“They were going, ‘Can we touch it? Can we sniff it? Can we have a photo with it?’”

Bieber’s mother was not hurt in the incident.

Having wrecked havoc both here and across the Tasman, Bieber flew home last night.

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source: newshub archive