Kim Dotcom defeats 99 of 100 at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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  • 29/09/2013

Before the raids, the FBI and the New Zealand Police, Kim Dotcom was a world champ at Call of Duty. In late 2011, after a seven-hour-straight session, he became the number-one player in the world in one of the game modes of Modern Warfare 3.

Today he challenged 100 players to take him on, donating the proceeds to charities like Starship.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a game so popular that when it was released it beat the sales records set by Titanic, Avatar and Jurassic Park. And there's one man that got very good at playing it.

Kim Dotcom playing the game is in his natural environment. The only reason he lost his title was because he had to spend some time in a prison cell. There was no Xbox there.

That, and the ongoing legal battles, meant Dotcom could no longer play as much as he used to.

"Before the raid happened I was playing six hours a day," says Dotcom. "Now I play a few hours a week because I don't have the time."

But today he was at Digital Nationz to prove he's still good. And he is. All day he played, and annihilated opponent after opponent - every single one of them, until the 100th.

"Being relaxed definitely helps," he says. "If you're tense at the controller, you usually don't get anywhere."

It wasn't just kids trying to win. And while Dr Mark Sagar won two Oscars for working on films like Avatar, today he was a loser.

"I couldn't tell where the bullets were coming from!" says Dr Sagar.

After each win, and he won them all, there was a handshake, a drink and a piece of candy.

His thoughts are now turning to Team New Zealand and making them winners, too.

"A friend of mine is already in touch, and has sponsored them in the past, so is helping me make contact," says Dotcom.

And who knows, if Mega does end up sponsoring Team New Zealand, maybe his tactical and strategic nous could be used along with his money.

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source: newshub archive