Mandy Moore: 'Don't label me religious'

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  • 20/05/2009

Pop star Mandy Moore is baffled by her religious reputation and fears goody goody movie roles and her scandal-free career has given people the wrong idea.

The recently married singer/actress has even had to clear up her 'beliefs' on first dates.

She explains, "I don't actually think of myself as a religious person, per se. Spiritual, yes. I think I was cast in a role of being religious because of (films like) Walk To Remember... People were like, 'You keep playing these Christian characters.' I grew up Catholic but not even a good Catholic. I don't think religion really factored in.

"I always thought it was funny; I remember dating someone once and when we first were starting to get to know each other, he was like, 'You're really Christian, like, you're really religious, aren't you?' And I was like, 'No, not at all, actually'.

"I think it was just the media. I think it was just this perception of me because I had done those film roles and I guess I was kind of quiet and there wasn't anything too scandalous about me and I was a pretty modest dresser."

And Moore, who releases her latest album of summer pop tunes, Amanda Leigh, next week, is now having to deal with question about her new husband Ryan Adams' reputation as a wild guy.

She adds, "I always think there's more than to people than what meets the eye. I feel lucky because outside the little things - like some people see me as potentially religious - I think it's  pretty accurate. Who I am and the reality is fairly close but I know that's not the case with everyone.

"I think that's the category that he (Adams) falls under, so I think, if anything, it further instills in me that what you see is not always what you get... He's wonderful. Hopefully, in due time, if people have an unkind idea of who he is, maybe one day that will sort of shift.

"I feel like an incredibly lucky girl because I get to spend my days with my best friend and he's a wonderful person and I really feel lucky that I get to learn and grow with him."

source: newshub archive