Mike Skinner shares The Streets farewell drink with fans

  • 27/11/2011

The Streets invited fans onstage for a farewell drink on Saturday night after performing the band's final gig in Skegness, England.

Rapper Mike Skinner and his act shot to fame in the UK in 2002 with the release of his debut album Original Pirate Material. He decided to call time on The Streets following the release of the album Computers and Blues earlier this year.

He stepped on stage as The Streets for the last time in front of 7,500 people at The Big Reunion event in Skegness on Saturday and to celebrate the band's emotional farewell, as well as his 32nd birthday on Sunday, Skinner invited revellers to join him on the platform for an impromptu party.

Skinner is now working on a new project with British rocker Robert Harvey under the name D.O.T.


source: newshub archive