Mike Tyson tried to talk 50 cent out of buying mansion

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  • 20/06/2014

Boxer Mike Tyson attempted to talk pal 50 Cent out of buying his sprawling Connecticut home, insisting the place was just too big to live in.

The rapper bought the former heavyweight boxing champion's Farmington mansion for just over US$4 million in 2003, despite Tyson's warnings about how much the upkeep on the place was.

The fighter-turned-actor says, "I was trying to explain to him, 'You really don't wanna buy this house...', but if I didn't sell to him there was no way I was gonna sell the house.

"No one was gonna buy it with 60,000 square feet; it's gonna cost them $25,000 just to mow the lawn... but I didn't realise how much money he had."

Tyson admits some of the parties he threw at his former 52-room palace went on for days - because people didn't leave and he had no idea they were still there.

He adds, "There's just so much space... The party's over and four days later some girl comes out of one of the rooms and... I'd be like, 'Where's your clothes...? Who are you?'"


source: newshub archive