Music vid gurus in heavy demand

  • Breaking
  • 31/08/2009

By Jesse Peach

The music video for the song ‘Turn Around’ by Sola Rosa lived up to its name for music video director Tim van Dammen.

Since making it, Mr van Dammen and camera operator Tim Flower have been booked solid - producing a video every week since.

The pair has got a reputation for making amazing videos from a small budget.

“I think we can generate just as good results with kind of cheap stuff,” says Mr van Dammen.

New Zealand On Air only give $5,000 for musicians who qualify to make a music video.

Mr van Dammen says that on such a tight budget you have to be motivated by your own creative passions.

“It's not one of those things where I’m doing it because I’m going to be a millionaire, I’m doing it because I like doing it,” he says.

Mr van Dammen originally started out making weird videos at art school.

A musician in his own right, he then tried out a few music videos for his own band, Collapsing Cities.

In November last year, Mr van Dammen got noticed for the video ‘Turn Around’ for Sola Rosa.

Since then, he has been so booked up he has produced one music video a week, creating videos for bands such as Luger Boa, Smashproof and the Checks.

He says that him and Mr Flower usually only use ideas they have come up with themselves, because it is important to love every video you make.

The Opensouls recruited the talents of the creative pair, and say it is their best music video to date.

Jeremy Toy, of the Opensouls, says the band was initially nervous with Mr van Dammen's laid back approach.

"It seemed pretty basic, there was only three crew (working on the video) plus makeup," he says.

But being low key is what the pair does best; they say music videos are all about having a good idea and executing it.

source: newshub archive