Neeson: Taken 3 'a superior piece of work'

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  • 04/01/2015

It is the film Liam Neeson said he would never do again – but this week he will be back in Taken 3.

The film was only ever going to work with the actor who – to use the famous line from the first film – had a "particular set of skills".

But Neeson had a particular set of conditions too, because while Taken was a hit, Taken 2 was slated by some critics, and even Neeson and director Olivier Megaton admit it was not their best work.

"I feel Taken 3 is a superior piece of work, I really do and I don't know why," says Nesson. "We had so many logistical problems in Taken 2, maybe that's coloured me a little bit."

"Taken 3 it was something totally different, we were happy to have shot this one," says Megaton.

This time Neeson returns as ex-covert agent Bryan Mills who is framed for a crime he did not commit and he must find the real killer before he is arrested by the police inspector played by Forest Whitaker.

"I thought the story was pretty damn good and they put a nice twist in," says Neeson. "Bryan Mills, my guy, instead of hunting the bad guys, he becomes the hunted, so it's a nice turn."

In the meantime, something else has taken his eye.

"I'd love to get back down to New Zealand, trust me, for lots of reasons," he says. "My dear friends Noriko Watanabe and Sam Neill have the most amazing vineyard in the South Island."

He may be looking for a little rest and relaxation, but the 62-year-old action star has no plans to slow down.

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