Nesian Mystik achieve NZ first

  • 30/06/2009

The Auckland hip hop group Nesian Mystik’s latest single RSVP may have fallen off the Top 10 chart today, but it stayed up there long enough to cement their place as the first home-grown act to achieve 10 Top 10 hits.

The boys of Nesian Mystik are understandably ecstatic – they have achieved something no other New Zealand band ever has.

Their latest song RSVP hit the Top Ten charts last week, making it the band’s tenth single to do so.

“Personally it’s still hard to gauge that, seeing Crowded House and us, it’s like, ‘ummmm,’ cause they’re still up there!” says group member Heath Manukau.

Nesian Mystik have achieved more Top Ten singles than their icon Crowded House’s six, and more than the Exponents four.

Since coming out with their multi-platinum selling album Polysaturated in 2002, their three albums have kept them at the top of the charts.

They say having fun together is the key to their continued success.

“When we come together, it’s beyond words,” says group member Feleti Strickson-Pua.

“If people saw what is happening when we are writing the music, I think they would be shocked. They’d think we were nuts or something.”

While RSVP fell to 15th place in the charts today, the boys say they are not concerned – they have proven they are not one-hit wonder.

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source: newshub archive