Piers Morgan, Kelsey Grammar 'kiss and make up'

Kelsey Grammar has ended a long-running feud with Piers Morgan three years after storming off the set of the former newsman's CNN show.

The Frasier star hit headlines in 2012 when he pulled out of an appearance on US TV series Piers Morgan Tonight at the very last minute after spotting a picture of his ex-wife Camille in the show's opening credits.

Morgan was infuriated by the drama and banned Grammar from ever working with him in the future, but the pair put the feud behind them at a pre-Oscars party thrown by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein in California last month.

In his diary column for Britain's Event magazine, Morgan writes, "I kissed and made up with Kelsey Grammar. The Cheers legend walked off my CNN show before even reaching the set after a blazing row with my producers in the green room over our use of a photo of his ex-wife in the pre-taped opening trailer. He was upset because he was with his new wife... Kayte. I let rip at his rudeness on air and his publicist later returned fire on Kelsey's behalf.

"So tonight, when I came face to face with him and Kayte, it could have been very awkward. 'Group hug?' I suggested. They burst out laughing, and we did indeed group-hug. 'Kelsey did it for me, he was protecting my honour,' said Kayte. 'I understand,' I replied. 'I'm sorry my own reaction was a little intemperate.' I'm either getting soft in my older age, or more mature. Both would be a worrying development."

Grammar endured a bitter divorce battle with Camille after their split in 2010. He went on to marry Kayte Walsh in 2011.


source: newshub archive