Project X copycat parties hit the USA

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  • 15/03/2012

By 3 News online staff

Police in Florida have foiled a planned teenage party after a video was posted on the internet inviting people to the ‘party of a lifetime’, referred to as ‘Project X Party 2’.

Police said 18-year-old Christopher Dade took over an empty house and can be seen spraypainting the walls in the video. He also asks people what they want to see happen in more videos he planned to film during the party itself.

“Send us in anything, anything you wanna see us do,” he says. “Something insane.”

Dade has been arrested after allegedly causing damages totaling US$19,000. Excerpts of his video can be viewed in this CBS story:

Project X is a comedy, currently playing in New Zealand cinemas, which tells the tale of three high school students who hold a party which gets out of hand – this explicit Project X trailer is a good indication of what takes place in the film.

A group of teenagers who broke into a house in Texas and trashed it are also alleged to have been motivated by Project X.

The teens broke in, threw a party and smashed the windows, cupboards and walls of the foreclosed Houston home, which has a value of NZ$620,000.

Mark Stephens, a private investigator hired by the home’s builder, returned to the scene the day after the party to see if the teenagers would return.

"I came back out here to catch them and that’s what we did," Stephens told KHOU 11 News. "They had already broken into another house, just down the street, and they were already throwing another party."

He called police, who found 13 youths at the second home. Eleven were arrested and charged with criminal trespassing while two were released to their parents as they were too young to be prosecuted.

"I asked some of the kids why, and they said 'Project X'," said Stephens. "And I said, 'Okay, what’s Project X?'"

“When you look at the movie, and you look at what happened here, the parallels are uncanny," says Stephens. "It was a copycat. They did everything that I saw in the movie."

The premise of Project X echoes the story of Australian Corey Worthington, who as a teenager held a party while his parents were away on holiday.

Worthington's party got out of hand, with around 500 teenagers turning up and the police using a helicopter and dog squads to control it.

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source: newshub archive