RocknRolla star inspired by drug-addled Pete Doherty

  • Breaking
  • 16/09/2008

British actor Toby Kebbell based his hard-living rock star character in Guy Ritchie seedy new drama RocknRolla on troubled star Pete Doherty.

Kebbell starved himself to play the emaciated character and admits the portrayal gave him an insight into Doherty's mental state.

He says: "We have extremely talented musicians in London who unfortunately don't want to be a human; they don't want their dark side to be known so they'd prefer you to think they were ugly with drugs than they were fickle or weak in some human way.

"For me playing the character Johnny Quid, I was starving and so I was in a bubble of what I would say a crack addict lives in anyway. Pete Doherty did come to mind but I think Pete would be massively grateful to have someone as charming as me playing him on film."


source: newshub archive

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