Sex magic comes to New Zealand

Warning: The video contains sex scenes and nudity that some viewers may find disturbing

By Ali Ikram

Documentary Sex Magic Manifesting Maya has been playing in the Documentary Edge Festival; it's the story of Baba Dez, a shaman who has had as many as 2,000 lovers but finds the one woman he deeply loves is turned off by that.

The star of the film is in New Zealand and on Wednesday I set sail for the island of the sex magician after hearing the legend of a shaman who had satisfied hundreds if not thousands of lovers, and claimed to use the sexual energy that coursed through his body not just for pleasure but to heal them

"I don't think that's really relevant,” he says. “I think it's the depth and quality of those relationships that really matters.”

On the back of a successful spirulina business, Baba Dez Nicholls founded Sedona Temple in Arizona dedicated to Tantra and what is known as ‘sacred sexual healing’.

Seeking a deeper understanding the next night I attended a talk Dez was giving in Blockhouse Bay.

"A lot of us were shamed around our sexuality and cultivating our sexual energy and self pleasuring we didn't learn the healthy masturbatory rituals," he says.

This is the gospel of self love; emotional, spiritual and physical self love.

"If you’re a man of power and you learn how to circulate your sexual energy and hold it and you're not spilling your seed all the time, then you build a power in your being that's so delicious you don't want to do that every time."

It might sound like a recipe for walking around with a loaded gun in your pocket but Dez believes that's when the magic happens claiming he can use all this pent up energy to call into his life all the things he desires.

However, his touch failed during the filming of the documentary when it came to Maya, the woman he fell in love with.

She said she couldn’t love him because of the number of conquests he holds.

"When anybody is making a choice for themselves and living the life they want to live and saying to somebody else that the life they're living is not ok, that's not alright, it's not ok to judge each other."

Maya is now celibate and teaching yoga in India while Dez is here to give talks in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch in coming weeks before he runs a six day residential course on sex shamanism in West Auckland at Easter.

As for me, I left the island educated but still wondering if self love was indeed the secret to enlightenment, why hadn't I and my colleagues in New Zealand television attained nirvana years ago.

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source: newshub archive