Sydney siege: Twitter faux pas

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  • 15/12/2014

Bad things often bring about more bad things.

It's a simple rule, and it's often depressingly well-illustrated on social media during an emergency or disaster.

As the tragic hostage situation took place in Sydney yesterday, a few things were tweeted that should have perhaps been left unsaid. Put them to down to naivety or stupidity, they're things that probably shouldn't have happened.

Here are three Twitter faux pas from yesterday:

Laurel Papworth
According to her Twitter profile, Laurel Papworth teaches social media at the University of Sydney. Her profile also mentions Papworth enjoys World of Warcraft.

Yesterday, in between tweeting about "Daily News of Financial Services Australia" and "Email marketing as Easy as Webmail", she tweeted this clanger:

I don't think she was making a bad joke. There is a chance she was concerned about the safety of the social media manager.

But it was a clanger, and no proper clarity followed. Well, two hours later we got this:

And this:

Which didn't really help matters much. What did she want, an update on chocolate sales?

Uber Sydney let us know that fares were increasing.

At first glance this doesn't seem all that unusual. During times of demand, Uber fares go up. This is annoying, but it isn't a shock.

But is a minimum fare of $100 to "encourage more drivers to come" a great move?

In the past, Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick said pricing would be "capped" during "relevant states of emergency" in the United States. What about the rest of the world, Uber?

To Uber's credit, they then responded with this about 32 minutes later - perhaps realising how their earlier tweet read:

Celebrity Prayers
Maybe this is unfair. They're probably just kids tweeting.

Maybe this is how kids deal with problems in 2014.

Maybe Harry Styles and Justin Bieber's prayers to God will help. But I highly doubt it.

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