Tara Reid amazed with Sharknado success

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  • 11/08/2013

Tara Reid has joked her new TV movie would leave you "wasted" if it was made into a drinking game.

The blonde actress stars in made-for-television disaster film Sharknado about a freak hurricane that hits Los Angeles and leaves a tornado of man-eating sharks in its wake.

Tara has joked about the film's "ridiculous" storyline.

"It's like a drinking game. If you take a drink every time they say 'Shark' you're going to be wasted by the end," she joked.

Sharknado has been causing a buzz thanks to its crazy premise. Tara has joked that there's no denying the film has a unique theme.

"It's definitely one of a kind. It's the most ridiculous story of all time. There are sharks flying from the sky, eating people, coming into pools, jumping through the windows. It's a tornado of sharks that eats everyone in LA. It's such a ridiculous concept," she laughed in an interview with British magazine Heat

Tara has previously explained that there's no point in taking the story seriously. "I read it and I was laughing so hard... It was so insane," she said.

The star also revealed she was blown away by the interest in the movie.

"It's unbelievable. We kind of thought we'd do this silly, fun movie and that would be it. The thing is, we did no press for the movie, it went so viral and started trending on Twitter every day," she said. "Normally it airs on TV one time, but this has aired three times and the numbers keep going up which is impossible. Usually it's like the box office, you have a big opening weekend then you go down, down and down. 

"This kept tripling and tripling and we're like, 'What?' It went crazy in Australia, Asia picked it up, it's just going viral everywhere. It's incredible what's happening to this movie."


source: newshub archive