The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel review

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  • 23/01/2012

By Kate Rodger

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has a British cast to die for, and any film which has Bill Nighy, Dames Maggie and Judy and Tom Wilkinson on the ticket is worth double the price.

A group of retirees find themselves in India, thrust together in the most unlikely of retirement homes, each with their own stories and secrets.

Much happens in a short space of time, as those secrets are revealed, and the consequences come home to roost.

This little charmer is a triumph over cliche; the cast, the characters and the delightful script endearing themselves to such a degree you forgive the film its faults.

One enormously jarring cheesie scene aside, this was such an enjoyable watch, and any time spent with Bill Nighy and Judy Dench is a good time.

Four stars.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
:: Director: John Madden
:: Starring: Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson, Dev Patel, Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, Penelope Wilton, Ronald Pickup
:: Runtime: 123 minutes
:: Rating: PG - contains coarse language and sexual reference
:: Release Date: March 22, 2012
:: Trailer: Watch here

source: newshub archive