The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell review

  • Breaking
  • 28/01/2011

Reviewed by Kate Rodger

Like most of us, Gazza Snell’s hope and dreams are not always entirely realised, and they can change shape in a heartbeat. 

This East Auckland story has Gazza as father to two kart-racing boys, a sport they’re good at, they love, and which Gazza and his long-suffering wife Gail really can’t afford.

All their lives are thrown into turmoil, when tragedy strikes.

There’s much to like about this unassuming film, but I would have appreciated more time to get to know the characters in the early stages, in order to care more about them as it unfolded.

There is most certainly a local audience for this film though, and not just an Auckland one.

Three stars.

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     The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell
:: Director: Brendan Donovan
:: Starring: William McInnes, Robyn Malcolm, Joel Tobeck , Josh McKenzie and, William McKenzie
:: Running Time: 80 mins
:: Rating:  M - contains sex scenes and offensive language
:: Release Date: January 27, 2011
:: Trailer: Watch here

source: newshub archive