The ins and outs of permanent hair removal

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  • 15/04/2010

By Luisa Petch

I have been liberated!

In the USA the shaving and hair removal market reaches $2 billion dollars annually! Unbelievable.

So I knew I wasn’t alone in my war against dreaded hair removal.

Due to a very common mild case of PCO (polycystic ovarian syndrome) in my twenties, the hair on my legs seemed to double, thicken and darken (this is one of the side effects). O joy! Just what every woman doesn’t want.

I can handle shaving my lower legs every other day but wanted something more permanent for my thighs.

Over the years I have tried waxing, shaving, bleaching, sugaring and hair removal creams, which have all done exactly what they promised to do. However these methods are not permanent. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. I was at the stage in life where I was far too busy with work and children to think about the hair on my legs if I wanted to wear shorts or even swimwear in summer. This is why I decided to try my luck at permanent hair removal.

I had consultations at three different clinics around central Auckland.

Trust me, for the sake of saving a few dollars, don’t risk going to a salon that is not reputable or is in the slightest way unprofessional. Make sure you do your research and they have the best machines available.

My clinic of choice was Skin Institute Clinic & Medical Spa in Ponsonby. However they do have 6 different locations around Auckland.

During a detailed and full consultation, by Marisa a Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, I was fully informed of the side effects which are rare but can occur, such as the disturbing images of burning, blistering and infection I have come across while researching. Therefore a skilled and experienced laser operator, such as the nurses at the Skin Institute, is crucial.

I would need 6-8 treatments at 30 minutes per treatment. At a prepay cost of $2000 for 6 treatments.

During which time I can continue to shave but can not pluck or wax the area and MUST stay out of the sun due to photosensitivity during the course of the treatment.

Laser light is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair follicle, therefore the darker the hair and the fairer the skin the better the result. She advised me that in my case the result would be about an 80% reduction, which was good enough for me. Each individual will have differing results.

The Procedure:

After establishing the area which needed to be treated the Laser is placed on the skin and a very bright light is projected onto the skin which feels like a hot rubber band flick. I am in charge of holding a tube which blows cold air onto the area and I can follow the laser which helps with any discomfort. I found this to be a great help. I personally found the first few flicks to be more painful, but then I seemed to get used to it and it barely hurt at all. Obviously different patches of the body hurt more than others and everyone’s pain threshold is different so the laser can be adjusted to suit.

I have now completed my course and have noticed a vast reduction in the amount of hair in that area. There is still hair there but it seems to be the fairer hair which Laser is not so attracted to. I will still have to shave the area if I am to have the smooth nil hair look for swimwear, but what I have been left with I would certainly be able to wear shorts without being as concerned as I used to be. 

Maintenance treatments may be required within time as hair can lay dormant under the skin for months.

Did I think it was worth it?

Absolutely. It is an expensive procedure, but if hair is somewhere that makes you feel embarrassed, or just concerned about, or if it is just purely for cosmetic reasons then I say “Go for it”

Would I do it again?

Sure. I could see how women could get quite addicted to IPL Laser hair removal. Who wants to shave underarms or legs everyday? And who is sick of having bikini lines waxed?

Save up or splash out and spend your money on something that will last you years.

I discovered, challenged, and conquered permanent hair removal!

The Laser is a remarkable tool that not only works with hair removal but also resurfacing of the skin, improves pigmentation, broken capillaries, birth marks, rosacea and acne scarring.

Coming up….I will tell you my story of pigmentation removal. Don’t miss it. Add The Beauty Kit to your ‘favourites.’

source: newshub archive