The Sicilian Girl review

  • Breaking
  • 11/07/2009

Reviewed by Kate Rodger

Italian film The Sicilian Girl  is based on the short, violent life of Rita Atria, a young woman from a mafia family who breaks the unspoken law of silence, turning her back on her home, and turning witness for the prosecution.

This compelling true story loses its impact in the telling, due to mediocre production values and some hit and miss performances. 

A rawness to a film can often work in its favour, especially with stories like this one, but not in this case.

Two and half stars.

    The Sicilian Girl
:: Director: Marco Amenta
:: Starring: Veronica D'Agostino, Francesco Casisa
:: Running Time: 107 mins
:: Rating: M - Violence, offensive language and sex scenes
:: Release Date: July 9, 2009

source: newshub archive

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