Toto's 80s hit 'Africa' tops New Zealand chart

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  • 16/05/2013

American rock group Toto is experiencing a new round of fame after their 1983 hit 'Africa' reached number one on the New Zealand iTunes chart.

The song's rise to prominence came on the back of a campaign by The Edge DJs Fletch and Vaughan.

"We had been discussing how song choices on The X Factor influenced the music charts, and wondered how much sway we would have in getting our favourite sing-along into the Top 50 of iTunes," says Vaughan.

Toto has not charted in New Zealand since 'Africa''s release in 1982 and is thrilled with the success.

"Just found out our song 'Africa' is number one on iTunes in New Zealand this week. Truly amazing after 30+ years. Thanks to all in NZ and hope we get to see you ASAP!" Toto wrote on their Facebook page.

The two DJs are hopeful they'll get a chance to catch up with the band.

"We would love interview Toto, and present them with a congratulatory certificate! We would certainly love to see it reach number one in the New Zealand Singles Chart," says Vaughan.

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