TV psychic tries to convince sceptics

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  • 08/09/2013

Whether there is life after death is a question that has long divided people. So what do you get when you let a TV psychic into a room full of hardcore sceptics?

3 News went to watch Sue Nicholson address the New Zealand Sceptics conference to find out.

Ms Nicholson is used to tough crowds, but she claims to speak to the dead for a living.

But this is a tall order even for her – convincing a room full of non-believers that ghosts are real.

"I'm very excited actually to be here," she says.

3 News talked to New Zealand Sceptics spokesperson Vicki Hyde before Ms Nicholson arrived, and got a feel for what the Sensing Murder psychic was up against.

"We know, for example, with some of these television programmes that people are pre-primed, that they're given information," says Ms Hyde. "We've been told that. In fact, there's actually stuff recorded on camera that has gone out on the air."

But Ms Nicholson says she's been shadowed by a TV crew before while working, who found no sign of cheating.

"I've even said, 'Put me on a lie detector. You can ask me anything you like.' I was never given any information. There's one [case that has] been solved – Sarah Niethe."

The sceptics say they would love to see irrefutable proof of life after death, and there are big bucks in it for anyone who can.

North American magician and sceptic James Randi put up $1 million two years ago to any celebrity medium who can do so in a controlled environment. The reward is unclaimed.

"I do not go around looking for dead people," says Ms Nicholson. "I don't do that. I do see them when I'm working."

But despite a colourful performance from Ms Nicholson, this lot remains unconvinced.

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source: newshub archive