Waxing lyrical about limericks

  • 11/04/2013

Wellington group Poetry in Motion are running limerick death matches in which poets use their words to take each other out.

Ben Fagan, 21, and Duncan Hope are the youngest competitors vying for the title.

Two poets take the stage and the audience votes on who is best until there are just two people left.

Then there's the quick-fire round where finalists get just a few minutes to come up with three new poems on assigned topics, like mattresses.

Turns out it's quite hard to write one of these although death match winner Michael Gray made it look easy.

Poetry was last in the Olypmics in 1948. If it was still there today, Michael would probably have a good shot at gold.

Watch Janika ter Ellen's report and her attempt at making up a limerick

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source: newshub archive