Wellingtonian wins Australian Cricket Art Prize

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  • 09/10/2009

By Amanda Gillies

Jane Kellahan is a 37-year-old self taught Wellington artist who hates sport, but she still managed to beat the Aussies at a cricket competition at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

“I went in there with ‘I want to win this, I need to win this,” says Ms Kellahan.

Kellahan beat 214 Australian artists to win the inaugural Australasian Cricket Art Prize, judged at the Sydney Cricket Ground and organised by New Zealander Derek Zilich.

Each artist had to paint a depiction of life in and around the game of cricket.

“It's about what the sport means to us Australasians,” says Ms Kellahan.

The game actually means nothing to Kellahan. She hates it. But the cash prize of Aus$20,000 lured her in. Her credit card, she insisted, needed it.

And so in just six hours she created white wickets, which was clearly streaks ahead of the rest.

“Those are the feelings for me that brings out is these childhood memories of enthusiastically playing sport right until sundown,” says competition organiser Derek Zilich.

Among the judges was former Australian cricket international Stuart McGill.

McGill said he had no idea Jane Kellahan was a New Zealander. He went on to say that New Zealand cricketers were the thorn in the Aussie team's side. Kind of like the annoying younger brother. But now it was time for the younger brother - or in this case sister - to shine.

Kellahan said that she drew inspiration from the Australians.

I did actually subtly use Australian colours

“Yes I am guilty of that,” she says.

Her winning painting will be exhibited at the SCG for the next four months.

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