What We Do In The Shadows to repair Twilight damage - Waititi

  • 15/06/2014

By Caris Bizzaca

Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement and fellow Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi are hoping to save a lot of undead lives with their vampire mockumentary and repair the damage Twilight has done.

The pair walked the red carpet at Sydney Film Festival on Sunday night, where their film What We Do In The Shadows was closing the festival.

Waititi says it was an appropriate choice.

"Because after 12 days of depressing movies about children being trafficked and rape and murder, I think it's very important to close an important film festival with one of the silliest films ever made," he jokes.

Co-writer/directors Waititi and Clement first came up with the idea for What We Do In The Shadows way back in 2005 - a time when Waititi says no one was making vampire movies.

"For us it was the perfect time to strike," he says.

"So what we did was we carefully and quickly, very quickly, wrote the script over the next seven years and during that time luckily no vampire movies were made and no TV shows about vampires were made and now this is the perfect timing to bring out another vampire film."

So what about that little thing called Twilight then?

Waititi feigns innocence.

"The only vampire films I know are big blockbuster ones," he says.

"Ok, I know what Twilight is. I was just trying not to promote them because they're our competition."

Not only that but also the Twilight books and films are hazardous for vampires. And many fanged people have sadly fallen victim to its lies.

"One thing that you probably did not realise about vampires is they actually don't sparkle when they go into the sunlight," Waititi says.

"No the sunlight's actually really deadly and that film has been very dangerous to the vampire community.

"A lot of very, very tragic accidents have happened because vampires have seen that movie and thought, 'Oh I can go out and go sunbathe outside', then 'poof' gone.

"There have been a lot of losses in the vampire community and it's all Twilight's fault."

What We Do in the Shadows releases in New Zealand cinemas on Thursday.


source: newshub archive