Whoopi Goldberg: Let sick kids have weed

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  • 30/03/2015

Whoopi Goldberg has risked controversy by declaring parents should be allowed to give marijuana to seriously ill children to help alleviate their symptoms.

The actress-turned-TV star is an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana use, and smokes the drug herself to help ease the pain of eye condition glaucoma.

Goldberg has now threatened to divide opinion by insisting kids with painful illnesses such as cancer should be allowed access to cannabis.

She tells High Times magazine, "When we talk about marijuana and I hear people say, 'Well, what about the children?' Yeah, what about the children? These parents are being treated like criminals - because, as a last resort and after much research, they've decided that cannabis may help their kid... They know they may face jail time - but these are their kids, and they will do everything they can to bring peace to the convulsions or calm after the chemotherapy."


source: newshub archive