Xbox One released to thrilled Kiwi fans

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  • 22/11/2013

New Zealanders have become the first in the world get to their hands on Microsoft's new gaming device, the Xbox One.

It's been eight years since the Xbox 360 was released and fans lined up for hours overnight to get the new one.

The queue began chanting as the clock neared midnight and they became the first in the world to get their hands on a little black box that plays the most advanced games available.

Xbox NZ lead Steve Blackburn says gaming is a huge part of the entertainment industry.

"When you look at the figures of what games do, most of the blockbusters games will beat most movie releases, if not all movie releases in terms of what they actually gross. Music as well, pretty much any other form of entertainment," says Blackburn.

Shihad frontman Jon Toogood was part of the official entertainment at the launch in Auckland with other larger-than-life figures such as Kim Dotcom were there just for the fun of it.

This next generation console is all about better graphics.. And the ability to integrate all your entertainment, including TV, into one place.

There's been a big lead up. Last week a PR stunt saw sharks guarding one of the Xbox One consoles at Kelly Tarlton's.

In America, rival Sony has released its new console, the PlayStation 4. It sold one million units on its first day alone.

But at Auckland's Shed 10 last night, 24-year-old Dan Livingstone had only one thing on his mind - the Xbox One.

Livingstone is the first person in the world to officially own one.

"It's quite an achievement, it's a record no one will break so that's going down in history. It's just incredible," says Livingtone, who moved to New Zealand just over a year ago for work.

Now he's taken five days off to celebrate with the Xbox One.

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