Young@Heart review

  • Breaking
  • 10/10/2008

Reviewed by Kate Rodger

The idea of popping out to the movies to see a documentary no longer has those worthy, bespectacled, ponderous undertones.

Docos are cool, docos are entertaining and docos are becoming box office success stories.

Young@Heart is all those things.

A team of British filmmakers joined the Young@Heart Chorus in New England, as they prepare for a one off concert in their home town.

The chorus has an average age of 81, and this is not your usual kind of choir group.

Singing from a song sheet packed with punk, a little rock and alot of roll, this delightful, quirky group of golden oldies shares a love of music, of each other, and of life, as they belt out everything from The Clash and Sonic Youth, to Coldplay and James Brown.

This is one of those films the phrase "feel-good" was invented for.

It's uplifting and inspirational, full of charming personalities, lots of belly laughs and unless your heart is made of stone, perhaps even a few tears.

There's a lovely dynamic too, between the filmmakers and their subjects.

Young@Heart is kinda like drinking from the cinematic fountain of youth when you didn't even realise you were thirsty.

A lovely watch, and 4 big fat stars from me.

         :: Director: Stephen Walker
         :: Running Time: 109 mins
         :: Rating: PG
         :: Release Date: 16 October, 2008
         :: Official Site:

source: newshub archive