Beef study could have silver lining for NZ industry

  • 22/07/2014

In our science chat this week we look at the real cost of beef, the unravelling mystery of microbacteria that cause tuberculosis, and the science behind what makes women talk.

First up is a new study which claims beef production uses 28 times more land than that needed for pork and poultry, and 11 times more water, to create the same amount of food. It also leads to five times more greenhouse gas emissions than other types of meat.

"It's significantly more expensive," says Massey University biosciences lecturer Heather Hendrickson.

But that's in the US – is it the same for New Zealand beef production?

Elsewhere in science, scientists in Otago have found out how latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis is able to survive in the human body – and how to fight it.

And what makes women talkative? Cooperation and collaboration, it seems.

Watch the video for the full chat with Heather Hendrickson.

source: newshub archive