Fighting the flu with maths

  • 17/06/2014

Winter is here, and with the cooler temperatures typically comes the flu.

A new study looks at patterns of seasonal influenza infections has found more details about how population immune response and climatic conditions shape how the flu spreads.

Massey University biosciences lecturer Heather Henderickson says the three key metrics are population dynamics in immunity; the evolution of the particular strain of flu that's spreading; and exactly how the season is changing.

Using mathematical models, scientists are able to predict how some flus will spread – but not all.

There has also been a study on how bacteria cause ulcers by evading the body's immune system and how the body reacts, and are crows as intelligent as two-year-olds? Or do toddlers have something over birds?

Watch the video for this week's science chat with Heather Henderickson.

source: newshub archive