Moose doco the culmination of years of chasing

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  • 11/12/2011

By Kloe Palmer

A documentary on the elusive Fiordland moose has premiered in Te Anau.

Ken Tustin has spent over 40 years researching the animal's existence in the areas bush land and even though he's never actually seen one he's adamant they're here, and after watching his film he's got a few others convinced.

Just last week Tustin was back in the bush, re-positioning all 11 of his motion-sensor cameras.

Tustin has spent most his life researching and looking for moose in remote bushland, but completing the documentary doesn't mean his search is slowing. 

“We have just finished the documentary, we haven't finished the project,” he says.

“I'm very comfortable with my belief that moose are alive and well, and [even if there’s] not very many in Fiordland, getting one to take a photo of itself will be a wonderful way to break the deadlock.”

For now, the wild moose chase continues.

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