Orcas surprise Auckland beachgoers

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  • 20/11/2012

By Jono Hutchinson

Several orcas made a visit to Waitemata Harbour this afternoon, much to the delight of beachgoers.

The pod of orcas swam west from Mission Bay to a spot near the suburb of Point Chevalier.

The marine mammals drew some curious land mammals down to the beach to have a look.

“I got a phone call from a friend saying, 'Come to Raymond Street, you can see orcas in the harbour,' and so I came down, and brought my son to have a look,” says Ned Phillips.

A small boat went out with a 3 News cameraman on board and a young orca watcher.

“It was just like nothing I've ever done before,” says Eloise Woodley-Phillips. “And it was fun, and it made my heart flutter.”

The Department of Conservation says the orcas would have come to the harbour to feed on stingrays.

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source: newshub archive