ACT Party policies at a glance

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  • 22/11/2011

For more on the ACT Party’s policies you can visit their policy page.


Invest in transport infrastructure with benefits that exceed costs.

Establish a user-pays system for transport.

Streamline RMA so transport infrastructure can be built with less delay.

Build transport infrastructure that people want.


Award scholarships to underprivileged children.

Allow school board of trustees to set teacher pay rates.

Subsidise private schooling

More choice in assessment systems.

Remove fee caps at tertiary education institutes.

Reinstate interest on student loans.

Law and Order

Law-abiding citizens who defend themselves don’t have to go to court.

First degree murderers go to prison for life.

Re-introduce the Sentencing Council.

Criminals should be punished early in life for minor crimes to discourage them from serious offending.

Victim reparation costs should be paid promptly.

Economy (incl. tax)

Reduce wasteful spending.

Introduce a spending cap for Government spending.

Increase mining.


Push the Government to scrap the ETS

Introduce road pricing to reduce congestion and emissions.

Introduce market pricing of water.

Continue on- and off-shore mineral explorations.

Social Welfare

Support those who need it.

Re-introduce youth wage.

Introduce obligations for sole parents on the benefit for proper child care and health checks.

Mandatory drug rehabilitation for beneficiaries who fail employment drug tests.

Reassess sickness beneficiaries every six months.

Outsource welfare services.

Encourage Maori-focused solutions to end poverty and benefit dependency.

Introduce a hotline to report benefit fraud.

Cut Working for Families for middle and high income earners.

Asset Sales

Sell state assets


Encourage competition in the health sector to achieve productivity in the public health sector.

Reduce back-room bureaucracy with focus on frontline delivery.

Target subsidies fro the poor rather than wasting them on the rich.

Reduce taxes so individuals can pay for their own day-to-day healthcare.


Accelerate the Treaty compensation process.

Remove Maori consulting from the RMA

Scrap the Maori Statutory Board on the Auckland Council.

Scrap the Maori electorate seats.  

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