Election 2011: ‘Moonbeam Smokey Fluffy Key’ joins PM’s election party

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  • 26/11/2011

By 3news.co.nz staff

It’s a full house at John Key’s Parnell manor with the Prime Minister joined by his closest family and friends, advisors and a cat named ‘Moonbeam Smokey Fluffy Key’.

Mr Key appeared in good spirits when he briefly appeared at an opened door after ordering pizza, flashing the cameras a quick smile.

He told reporters earlier that the oddly-named cat was thought up by his kids and wife Bronaugh. He says while he is number one in New Zealand, he is right down the pecking order within his family.

Mr Key is also joined by his two sisters who flew over from England and Christchurch.

However, there is still no sign of his cabinet chum Steven Joyce, with the pair inseparable in recent days.

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source: newshub archive