National Party policies at a glance

For more on the National Party's policies you can visit their policy page.


Add four new projects to the ‘roads of national significance’ programme, including the extension of SH1from Puhoi to Wellsford.

Electrify Auckland’s rail system

Make KiwiRail more economically viable

Look into a new ferry terminal at Clifford Bay, replacing Picton. 

National cycleway network


Roll out National Standards in ECE and primary and secondary schools.

Toughen screening for new teachers to ensure competency.

Establish a gateway programme for school principals to ensure better leadership of schools.

Invest $1 billion to build new schools and renovate old schools.

98 percent of new entrants being in early childhood education prior to starting school.

Open 13 more trades academies, 8 service academies and have 12,500 youth guarantee places by 2014.

Law and Order

17-19 year-olds will be subject to the same bail conditions as adults.

Tighten bail conditions so bail is harder to get and introduce random drug testing for those on bail.

Tougher sentences for assault on police.

Tougher penalties for child porn producers, possessors and traders.

Private-public partnerships for more prisons.

Improved victim support with an offender levy funding a 'safe at home' programme. 

Double the penalties for breaching protection orders.

Allow vulnerable people and victims, especially children, to give evidence via video or CCTV.

Economy (incl. tax)

Re-introduce youth wages.

Allow companies to compete with ACC for workplace insurance.

Introduce national science challenges to encourage innovation in agriculture and science.

Progress with free-trade deals with Korea, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the nine-nations of the trans-pacific partnership.

Reduce the shares of state-owned assets to 51 percent and put the revenue into a fund for new projects.

Create a new water company that will capitalise on water use.

Build more infrastructure (roads, broadband).


Clean up ‘nationally significant’ lakes, rivers and aquifers

Set limits on water quality and quantity

Introduce an environmental commissioner to report on the environment every five years.

Create a river cleanliness ranking system

Create a register for contaminated sites

TV take-back programme for old, disused televisions.

Introduce agriculture to the ETS in 2015 but review it the year before.

Examine the linking of the NZ and Australian carbon markets.

Support a new global climate change agreement so that all major emitting nations participate.

Extend the electric car road-user charge exemption until 2020.

Create 200 places for 10-14 year-old to go ‘conservation camping’.

Restrict heli-hunting on DoC land.

Social Welfare

Focus on welfare fraud and welfare system abuse.

Benefits are cancelled if beneficiaries fail drug tests.

Benefits are cancelled for beneficiaries on the run from police.

Overhauling of current benefits into three categories: jobseeker support, sole parent support and supported living payment.

Young people on benefits will have their rent and power paid for them and have a special eftpos card that bans them from buying alcohol.

Solo parents with more than one child will be expected to seek part-time work when their youngest child turns one.

Asset Sales

Reduce the Crown’s share in Solid Energy, Meridian Energy, Genesis Energy, Mighty River Power and Air New Zealand down to 51%.


Create earthquake bonds as an investment opportunity and to fund the recovery.

Make 1500 new places in construction-related training

Fund counselling and social services to help people with rebuild.

Budgeted $5.5 billion for the quake recovery fund.

Schools in Christchurch will become the most advanced in New Zealand.

Foreign Policy

Progress with free-trade deals with Korea, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the nine-nations of the trans-pacific partnership.

Seek a seat on the United Nations security council.

Control spending on aid and make it more effective.

Go to Asia 28 times to ‘expand links’.


Cut back-office jobs so the focus is on frontline services.

Increase medical school places by 200.

Establish a national stroke network and dedicated unit in each hospital.

Amalgamate disability, health, welfare and housing services.

Free GP visits afterhours for children under six.

Introduce systems so patients can look after themselves using IT.

Introduce a new programme whereby pharmacists look after patients.

95 percent of all babies under eight-months will be fully immunised by 2014.

Nationwide rheumatic fever programme.

Target obesity risk factors with nutrition education.

Reduce waiting times for elective surgery, cancer patients, for important tests and at emergency departments.

Retrofit 50,000 homes under the Heat Smart Scheme


Increase Maori participation in early childhood education.

Implement Whanau Ora.

Promote home ownership for Maori.

Encourage Maori to make the most of new aquaculture industry growth.

Review the Maori Land Court.

Grow career pathways for Maori performing arts.

Continue funding of Maori TV, iwi radio and Te Mangai Paho.

Complete outstanding treaty settlements by 2014.

source: newshub archive