Sir Roger Douglas' valedictory speech - Extended footage

By Frances Cook

Roger Douglas has given his valedictory speech in Parliament today, calling time on a political career that has spanned four decades.

Sir Douglas has previously said he wants to spend more time with family, possibly becoming involved with his daughter’s natural medicines business.

He has also expressed frustration with the ACT party’s minor role in a coalition government, telling media the bills being passed did not address New Zealand’s problems.

Sir Douglas first entered Parliament in 1969 and is known for the radical economic reforms he put in place in his time as Labour’s finance minister in the 1980s.

He retired from Labour in 1990, but remained politically active, founding the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers (ACT) in 1993.

In 2008 Sir Douglas entered Parliament again as an ACT list MP, but now says remaining in Parliament past his 74th birthday isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Click on the video tab to watch his valedictory speech.

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source: newshub archive