Australian police on bicycles are pulling over naughty drivers

Gold Coast police are hitting the streets on bicycles - and they have all the same powers as your average Aussie cop.

The pushbike patrols are out day and night, seven days a week, largely overlooking Surfers Paradise's busy entertainment area.

Senior Constable Ange Mills is part of the new unit and says officers have had to pull over a number of drivers.

"You can see those traffic offences really easily and they don't see you," she says.

"You just pull up beside [the car], tap on the window... just get them to pull over where it's safe and [then] speak to the driver."

Australian police ride bicycles on Gold Coast
Ten officers are part of the new unit. Photo credit: Newshub.

Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Cook says the unit - made up of 10 officers - can do anything ordinary police can do, but in a faster, more accessible way.

"It reduces our time responding to emergencies and calls for service," he says. "It's high visibility, which is a big, important factor here.

"They've had the odd pedestrian chase. So, they've had to track people down - successfully, I might add."

Just knowing how to ride a bike isn't enough. Officers have to go through urban and off-road courses to make sure they're quick and agile enough for what they will face on the job.

While they are taught how to bunny hop, ripping sweet wheelies is a no-go.

"They're very professional in the way they execute their duties," says Acting Snr Sgt Cook.

Kiwi police are also using bicycles - although on a smaller scale.

"In Huntly, the Neighbourhood Policing Team has access to two bicycles," a New Zealand Police spokesperson says. "The Auckland Police Maritime Unit also use them."

The Gold Coast is hosting the Commonwealth Games this month. It will come to a close on April 15.