Chelsea Herbert: Meet the teen V8 driver driving the athletes around the Commonwealth Games

A 19-year-old speed addict has been tasked with driving the Commonwealth Games athletes to and from their events.

V8 driver Chelsea Herbert was selected from 2000 entries in an ANZ competition to attend the Games as the New Zealand athletes' driver.

She was seven when she first started racing. Back then it was in a go-cart; now she races in an Aston Martin.

She's the first woman ever to place in the New Zealand Touring Car Champs.

"It's one thing to cross the line, but to know your name is going to go down in history for it as well its always an extra motivation kick," she told Newshub.

"You get a buzz out of beating all of the boys."

The Herberts are a proud motorsport family, and her mother is the proudest of the lot.

"She didn't in her wildest dreams ever think that she would ever go to the Commonwealth Games," Donna Herbert says.

For the athletes, Chelsea hopes, it's "all about having fun".

"As much as they're there to compete they need to be able to enjoy it because it only comes around every few years."

If any of the athletes just happen to sleep in, Chelsea has them covered.

"I'm sure I'll be able to get them there on time. I'll try to stick to the speed limit as much as possible."

For once, she'll have to keep her competitive edge in check.