Commonwealth Games: Anywhere there's a party, there's Usain Bolt

usain bolt
Usain Bolt has retired, but he can still be seen in action on the Gold Coast. Photo credit: Photosport

The Commonwealth Games are soon to finish, but the real fun and games are about to begin.

"After all the athletes have finished, they just wanna go out and party," says Kiwi weightlifter Cameron McTaggart. "I’m happy to show them around."

And where there’s a party, there’s former sprint superstar Usain Bolt, who spent the past two nights inside Sin City, the Gold Coast’s most notorious club.

"As long as there’s good music, I enjoy myself and I’ll come again," he says.

But Sin City is living up to its name. At the same time as Bolt revelled in retirement, another former athlete was charged with assault.

Glasgow 2014 medallist Steven Lovelle is accused of urinating on a woman inside Sin City and then smashing a bottle on a Gold Coast teen.

“I wasn’t even trying to start him," said one witness. "I was just asking him 'why are you p***ing on my cousin?'”

And a Northern Ireland boxer’s been banned from Surfers Paradise, charged with an assault at the very same bar.

"We don’t condone any of the behaviour that’s happened already and for the few that are doing this, they’re jeopardising it for everyone else," says Commonwealth Games Federation president Louise Martin.

If any other athletes are looking for trouble, they needn’t look far. There are more drug arrests on Orchid Avenue that anywhere else on Austraia’s Gold Coast.

And that’s despite the fact its most notorious nightclub is right across the road from Surfers Paradise police. You think they're watching?

"We absolutely are," says Queensland deputy police commissioner Steve Golschewski.

When the after-party ends, there are no gold medals, but for some there could be iron bars.